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2018 Published articles and book chapters


Anderson, C. W., de los Santos, E. X., Bodbyl Roels, S., Covitt, B., Edwards, K. D., Hancock, J. B., Lin, Q., Morrison Thomas, C., Penuel, W., Welch, M. (In press, 2018). Designing educational systems to support enactment of the Next Generation Science Standards. Submitted to the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Edwards, K. D. (in press, 2018), Texts as tools: Engaging students in reading to complement hands-on activities. Accepted for publication in Science Scope. For a copy of this publication, please contact the author (Kirsten Edwards: or the Carbon TIME project ( (prepublication draft)

Covitt, B. A., & Anderson C. W. (2018). Assessing scientific genres of explanation, argument, and prediction. In A. L. Bailey, C. Maher, & L. Wilkinson (Eds.) Language, literacy, and learning in the STEM disciplines: How language counts for English learners, pp. 206-230. London: Routledge (Taylor & Francis). For a copy of this publication, please contact the author (Beth Covitt: or the environmental literacy project (

Zhao, P. P., Anderson, C. W., Scott, E., Draney, K., & Kim, J. H. (submitted, 2018). How Chinese and American students construct explanations of carbon-transforming processes. Submitted to EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education.