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Ecosystems | Activity 1.2

Activity 1.2: Expressing Ideas for Patterns in Ecosystems Worksheet (15 min)

Materials You Provide

  • Pencil (1 for each student)

Resources Provided


Hand out a copy of the 1.2 Expressing Ideas Tool for Ecosystems to each student.


1. Students should be encouraged to write down their initial thoughts about the relationships between the foxes, rabbits, and the grass.

Remind students there are no incorrect answers here – this is just a way to record their thinking for now


Use the 1.2 Assessing Expressing Ideas Tool for Ecosystems to note how students are responding. Do not tell them what Level 4 types of responses you are looking for, just that you are interested in how they are thinking about ecosystems right now.


Check to see what types of ideas students have about ecosystems.


You can have students work in small groups to complete this worksheet if you already have assigned groups that do their work together.

Extending the Learning

Have students think about relationships between other species that are similar to this one and talk about similarities and differences between those ecosystems.