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Ecosystems | Activity 5.3

Activity 5.3: How Do Ecosystems Matter Worksheet (45 minutes)

Students apply what they have learned to address ecosystems they typically encounter on a daily basis.

Materials You Provide

  • Pencils (1 per student)

Resources Provided


Print one copy of the 5.3 How Do Ecosystems Matter Worksheet for each student.


1. Pass out the worksheet to each student.

Review the three main ideas addressed in this unit with students:

  • Matter cycles and energy flows.
  • Ecosystems can support more producers than herbivores than carnivores.
  • Human disturbances can cause changes that are potentially detrimental to ecosystems.
  • You can ask students to recall examples of these points from the activities they’ve already completed.


Students should be able to respond to the questions asked about defining ecosystems and the three main themes in it. Walk around as students complete the worksheet to see how they are mapping the components of ecosystems to the ecosystems they’ve identified.

Extending the Learning

You may present students with alternative (or more exotic) examples of ecosystems they are less likely to encounter and have them research the influence of those ecosystems on their local community.