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Human Energy Systems | Activity 5.1

Activity 5.1: Carbon Emissions Jigsaw (60 min)

Students participate in a jigsaw about human consumption of fossil fuels and energy through transportation, food, electricity, and buildings.

Resources Provided


Print enough copies of the worksheets and handouts so each student has one that aligns with his/her group. Print the Jigsaw Cards. You will need to cut these apart before class. You may want to laminate them first in order to make them last for longer. See instructions on the first slide of the cards for how to prepare cards for classes of different sizes.


1. Activate prior knowledge about The Energy Question.

Remind students of the third rule: Energy flows! Invite students to share what they think this means.


Circulate the room during both home and expert group discussions to listen to the group conversations. Note if students are drawing on the main points from the handouts or if they have questions.


Encourage students to practice literacy and reading skills during their home groups by reading aloud to each other.


Assign students the reading for homework and discuss as a class the following period.

Extending the Learning

Have students keep a personal log about how they use energy in the four sections discussed in the jigsaw discussion: food, transportation, buildings, and electricity.