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Human Energy Systems | Activity 5.4

Activity 5.4: Strategies for Lowering Carbon Emissions (25 min)

Students learn that the lifestyle choices in the previous Activity are associated with four countries around the world and then engage in a short discussion about lifestyles and CO2 emissions.

Resources Provided


Prepare a computer and projector to display 5.4 Secrets Revealed! PPT.


1. Recall the lifestyle choices game.

Tell students that in the last Activity, we learned that people who live in different geographical regions in the world use carbon in different ways, and that the way we use carbon can depend on both our individual choices and also where we live. In this Activity, we are going to reveal which places these are and discuss what this means.


  • During the class discussion in step three, check to see if students are using evidence and reasoning to construct their ideas, or if they are just sharing ideas that are based on guesses that are not based on evidence. Both of these strategies are okay, but it might be helpful to point out the difference.
  • Check to see which strategies students can easily explain and which strategies students have a more difficult time with. For the strategies that are difficult to connect to lowered carbon dioxide emissions, pause and discuss.


After you complete all six questions in the Think-Pair-Share, invite students to think of their own questions for the class.

Extending the Learning

Have students do research on how electricity is generated in each of the countries in the Activity. They may be surprised that France produces less carbon than some other countries because they generate a lot of electricity with nuclear power!