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Decomposers | Activity 2.3

Activity 2.3: Molecules in Cells Quiz (20 min)

Students complete a quiz to assess their understanding of the molecules in cells and how to identify which molecules store chemical energy. Then they discuss their answers.

Materials You Provide

  • Pencils (1 per student)

Resources Provided


Print one copy of the 2.3 Molecules in Cells Quiz for each student.


1. Review for the quiz.

Ask students which main ideas about atoms and molecules they remember from the Systems and Scale unit. Remind students of three important facts about atoms:

  • Atoms last forever (except in nuclear changes).
  • Atoms make up the mass of all materials.
  • Atoms are bonded to other atoms in molecules.

Review what students learned about molecules in food and how to read nutritional labels. Remind them that they can identify molecules with chemical energy by their bonds (C-C and C-H). Remind them how to read nutritional labels to find different molecules, to find calories, and to find if the food has chemical energy.


Use 2.3 Grading the Molecules in Cells Quiz to grade student ideas about the materials in food. Use this quiz to determine if you need to revisit Lesson 2.1, or if students are ready to move on to Lesson 3. Because this is the Foundational Knowledge and Practice Stage of the unit, it is ok to evaluate student ideas at this point to see how they do and do not align to scientific ideas.