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Decomposers | Activity 6.5

Activity 6.5: Decomposers Unit Posttest (40 min)

Target Student Performance

Students show their end-of unit proficiencies for the overall unit goal: Questioning, investigating, and explaining how decomposers move and change matter and energy as they live and grow.

Materials You Provide

  • Pencils (1 per student)

Resources Provided


Print one copy of the 6.5 Decomposers Unit Posttest for each student.


1. Describe the unit posttest.

Explain the purpose of the unit posttest to students:

  • It will help you as a teacher understand how students think about what happens when decomposers move, grow, an function.
  • It will help them think about what they learned and how their ideas changed over time.


Students should be able to answer the questions correctly, so it is reasonable to grade them at this point. Use 6.5 Grading the Decomposers Unit Posttest to check student answers.

  • Read the questions aloud to the class. Reframe or reword questions for clarity.
  • Provide sentence stems for written responses.
  • Provide visual aids for any examples of animals that are not provided.
Extending the Learning