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Systems and Scale | Activity 2.4

Activity 2.4: Atoms and Molecules Quiz and Discussion (30 min)

Target Student Performance

Students apply the principle of matter conservation to atoms and molecules in different phenomena.

Students complete a quiz to assess their understanding of the hierarchy of scales and their ability to apply the key facts about molecules and then discuss their answers to the questions.

Resources You Provide

  • pencils (1 per student)

Resources Provided


Print one copy of 2.4 Atoms and Molecules Quiz for each student.

1. Review for the quiz.

Ask your students if they remember the three facts about atoms and molecules they learned in the previous activity: atoms last forever (except in nuclear changes), atoms make up the mass of all materials, and atoms are bonded to other atoms in molecules.

Assessment takes place in Step 3 of the activity when students share their answers from the quiz. Use this time to assess which items were more difficult for the class than others. If the students stumbled on any of them, you may want to revisit the material again before moving on. Patterns in student responses can be found in 2.4 Grading the Atoms and Molecules Quiz.